Image of Distar 1A1RSS V Pro Rex ∅350mm Diamond Blade
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Distar 1A1RSS V Pro Rex ∅350mm Diamond Blade

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PRO Rex Cuts Everything! Universal cutting wheel in the line of TM Baumesser. At a construction site, in-home repairs and a workshop, you do not always know what material will have to be cut. Steel, wood, plastic, concrete, and brick are the most common materials that you have to deal with. Having specialized discs for each material is inconvenient and expensive. A universal cutting circle for all occasions is an excellent solution. The versatility of the 1A1R Baumesser PRO Rex cutting wheels is ensured by their vacuum sintering technology. Diamond grains are fixed with a strong metal bond in one layer. Grains in large quantities rise above the body. During cutting, several diamond grains with sharp cutting edges are in operation. Cutting wheels very quickly cut any materials at a constantly high speed. Cutting circles with a diameter of 350 mm with a landing of 25.4 mm are used on manual gasoline cutters, can be used both in dry mode and with water cooling.