Image of ADTnS DDS-W DLD RS6 ∅32-300mm Diamond Core Drill Bit
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ADTnS DDS-W DLD RS6 ∅32-300mm Diamond Core Drill Bit

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ADTnS RS6 diamond drill bit was specially made for working with highly reinforced concrete.

Thanks to the soft binding and special diamond, the segment provides high working speed, even with fine-grained reinforced concrete. The drill bit can work at a speed of up to 6 linear centimeters per minute. Simultaneously, its resource reaches 7 linear meters (for a drill bit of 102 mm in reinforced concrete of the brand M400 with 4 fittings with a diameter of 22 mm for 30 cm of drilling).

Thanks to the laser welding of diamond segments, the drill bit can withstand extreme loads and harsh operating conditions.

It is available in a different range of diameters depending on its purpose. Models from 32 to 300 mm are available on the market. The length of the tool is fixed and is equal to 450 mm.