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Diamond Blade Turbo Elite Ultra ∅115-250mm

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Diamond cutting blade DISTAR TURBO ELITE ULTRA is designed for cutting any type of granite. It is worth noting that the blade shows the highest cutting speed when working with hard and soft granites. In addition, there is a high durability at high loads and long-term operation thanks to the reinforcing flanges.

The blade is available in one diameter of 232 mm, with a diamond layer height of 12 mm and a thickness of 1.9 millimeters. It is recommended to use a standard angle grinder with mounting 22,23 m, power of up to 2.5 kW and the speed of up to 6.5 thousand per minute.

The Turbo Elite Ultra blade shows a good enough speed to reach 1.5 meters per minute, while the lifetime of the blade is 175 linear meters on hard granite at cutting depth of 30 mm.
The blade is positioned as the most powerful tool for working with granite of any type.