Hire Floor Grinder/Polisher Full set

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1 Week Hire
Floor grinder: X3/Q8 220v or 400v
Dust collector: 110v or 220v
Extension cables:
1x32amp 110v, 1x32amp 3phase or 220v
Easy fit diamond grinding tools (1mm):
G30, G80, G140
Polishing pucks (1mm):
G60, G120, G220, G400, G800, G1500, G3000
5kVA 110v transformer
125mm Grinder set 110v or 220v
125mm Semiflex sanding discs with backing pad: G36, G60, G80
100mm Hand held polisher 110v
100mm Polishing pads:
G30, G120, G220, G400, G800, G1500, G3000
Concrete Grout and Crack repair A(1kg), B(1kg) 2xC(0.5kg)
Water based 18% Lithium Concrete Densifier/Hardener 5L
Water based Concrete Sealer (Gloss Plus or Gloss Shield) 5L

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