Mechanic Holder 115-125

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Locksmith device for angle grinder Mechanic HOLDER 115-125
Cut, grind, sharpen
It's often necessary to perform locksmith work in a home workshop, during repairs, or on construction. But what to do, if you haven't a bench grinder or a miter saw at your hand? If you have only a manual angle grinder and purchasing for it a HOLDER 115-125 locksmith device, many types of locksmith work become available.
The locksmith device is attached to the table with clamps or screws. The angle grinder is attached to the bracket of the device in the threaded hole of the gearbox. The revolving table and adjustable corners allow you to place the workpiece at different angles to the tool. Any tool can be installed on the angle grinder: cutting and stripping abrasive and carbide blades, metal brushes, Velcro grinding wheels, and others.
Finally, the device allows you to perform many operations, such as:
- cutting pipes, fittings, and other parts;
- cleaning and sanding of surfaces;
- grinding chamfers at different angles;
- sharpening of drill bits and other tools;
- making of grooves in the wood and other products.
The multi-device HOLDER 115-125 will become an indispensable assistant to the home master, the builder, and everyone who likes to work with their hands.

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