Sealer, Ultralit Gloss Plus ( 5L )

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Ultralit Gloss Plus is a lithium, high-gloss, stain and wear resistant concrete sealer with high polymer content used for improving the sheen, hardness, chemical resistance of honed and polished concrete. Product presents double action: lithium silicates penetrate into concrete and harden it and at the same time polymeric components form a protective micro layer that is breathable, dense, will not peel or debond. Used in conjunction with a highspeed burnisher, Ultralit Gloss Plus eliminates the need for floor waxes, liquid polishes and conventional resin based coatings.
- Hardener and Sealer in one.
- High polymer content: best gloss, best stain resistance, best wear resistance.
- Extremely high reactivity with high solids content of 24%.
- Active ingredients: 100% of total solids.
- Gives rapid and long-lasting shine / gloss and stain resistance to polished concrete.
- Enhances the color intensity of colored and stained concrete, maximizes light reflectance.
- Makes cleaning and maintenance of the floor easy.
- Cost Effective solution for concrete floors sealing.
- Absolutely “GREEN” and Planet Safe, water based.
First coat: 25-40 m2/L (25-40 mL/m2).
Second and subsequent coats: 40-80 m2/L (12-25 mL/m2).

Pack: 5 liters

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