Distar 1A1R Perfect Diamond Blade ∅125


Just Perfect
All masters know the legendary Esthete blade thanks to its clean cut. However, it also has a drawback. The purity of the cut is provided by a layer of 1.1 mm thickness, which means that you need to work very carefully with this blade to prevent to destroy it.
The Perfect blade is an even cleaner cut and at the same time it is more durable and reliable. Reliability is ensured by an increased layer thickness of 1.5 mm and an additional flanged body. Cleanliness is achieved by a unique sandwich layer design.
Now you can safely carry out cutting and enjoy a super clean edge.
The blade is used for cutting at 90 degrees in dry mode on an angle grinder. An outer diameter is 125 mm and a seat is 22.2 mm.

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