Image of Distar 1A1R Elegant Diamond Blade ∅100mm
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Distar 1A1R Elegant Diamond Blade ∅100mm

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Cleanliness even on the glaze of
the Chips is the main difficulty in cutting glazed, glossy tiles, overheated porcelain stoneware. The decisive factor in the purity of cutting is the diamond disc.
The Elegant disc is the best solution for finishing complex materials.
The disc uses a very fine diamond and a self-sharpening bond. The small diameter of the disc of 100 mm creates advantages in finishing cutting in comparison with the diameters of 115 and 125 mm, since it practically does not lead away, the disc has minimal vibrations.
The disc provides such a clean cut that it is almost impossible to find even minimal chips, including on glazed tiles. Further processing of the edge is not required. The disc also leaves no chips on the back of the tile. This is especially important in the manufacture of countertops and ceramic furniture.
This is the cleanest disc from the entire Distar lineup. Install and enjoy the result.
The disc is used on manual earpieces without the use of cooling.