Image of Distar Turbo Duplex  Diamond Blade ∅125mm
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Distar Turbo Duplex Diamond Blade ∅125mm

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DISTAR TURBO DUPLEX can be rightfully considered one of the best tools for grinding and cutting, as it effectively combines both functions of the grinding cup wheel and the cutting blade.
The use of the blade allows you to work productively with granite and marble using hand-held angle grinding machines. The treatment of material is carried out in a dry manner, without additional cooling with water.
The steel core of the blade is equipped with diamond layer, which makes it possible for you to perform any type of cuts, including curved ones, without any difficulty.
Distar Duplex is available in one version, with a diameter of 125 millimeters, and can be used with any angle grinder machine with a standard mount of the M14 blade. A diamond layer with a thickness of 2.8 millimeters provides a long lifetime.