Cleaning seams without hassle
When renovating an interior, it is often necessary to update the seams between ceramic tiles. Cleaning an inter-tiles seams is a very time-consuming task. Usually hand tools or renovators are used for this. In any case, its long and time-consuming.
Using the innovative Cleaner blade, the cleaning of seams turns into a fast, high-performance process. Now, this operation can be performed on any angle grinder. Due to the high rotation speed of 80 m/s, the blade instantly grinds the grout out of the seam. The blade has a diamond-bearing layer thickness of 0.8 mm, so it will fit most seams without damaging the edge of the tile. The blade works effectively with any grout material – cement-sanded, and even epoxy.
Now the painstaking work of cleaning the seams turns into a real pleasure.
The blade has an outer diameter of 101.6 mm with a seat of 22.2 mm. Despite the small thickness of the layer, the flanged design stabilizes the load on the blade. Installed on 115, 125 angle grinders. Work without cooling.

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31.00 €

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  • Blade Diameter
  • Inner Hole

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Tile Grout
Blade Diameter: ∅ 100mm
Inner Hole: 22.23mm

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