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Distar 1A1R Esthete Li-ion Diamond Blade

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Esthete LiION
Clean cut on cordless angle grinder
More and more often the masters use cordless angle grinders in their work. The operating speed of rotation and power of such machines are significantly lower than that of power ones. Classic diamond blades on battery-powered angle grinders work worse both in terms of speed and cutting quality.
The Esthete LiION blade is designed for cordless and low-power corded electric devices.
The blade has a larger number of segments and cooling holes, an improved composition of the bond, and an enhanced reinforcing flange.
Now it is possible to achieve high cutting speed and the highest edge quality even on battery-powered angle grinder.
The blade easily cuts through durable porcelain gres with a length of 1200 mm and even porcelain gres with a thickness of 20 mm in one pass.
Esthete LiION blade is a new level of quality and speed on cordless equipment.
The blade has an outer diameter of 125 mm, an ultra-thin diamond-bearing layer of 1.1 mm, and a 22.2 mm bore. Used on angle grinder without the use of coolant.