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Dust shroud HomeDuster 40


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The Mechanic HomeDuster Dust Collector device is convenient and necessary in for dust collection by vacuum cleaner when drilling holes with diamond drill bits and carbide drills.
The durable and lightweight body of the nozzle is only 60 grams and the rubber seal for vacuum fixation is easily attached to any surface using a conventional household vacuum cleaner. The mirror reflecting ring helps to position the drill at an even angle of 90 degrees.
The mounting assembly of the dust collector is made of elastic rubber and is designed for the vacuum cleaner nozzle from 32 to 39 mm.
Mechanic HomeDuster device is able to collect not only fine dust but also large particles.

Advantage of the device:
- effective removal of dust and large particles
- light weight, only 60 grams
- durable plastic
- mirror guide, precise drilling under 90 degrees
- wide range of drilling diameter up to 20 mm