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Drill Stream - Dust Collector attachment


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Drilling without dust
The drilling of holes in concrete and brick without water coolant, in dry mode, is becoming most popular. This kind of drilling produces a large amount of dust.
Connecting a vacuum cleaner to the drilling machine solves the issue of dust removal. The dust collector MECHANIC DrillSTREAM 1 1/4 UNC x М18 is used for such purposes. The dust collector is installed between the drill bit and the diamond drill spindle. If necessary - use connector adaptor 01419031021 1 1/4UNC(in)xM18(out). The dust collector has a rubber gland for the connection of vacuum cleaners with the form and diameter of a different nozzle. The flow of air going through the drilling zone cooling the diamond segments, remove the drilling waste, increasing the drilling speed, and its service life.
The usage of a vacuum cleaner in dry diamond drilling makes it possible to make holes in rooms with renovations.
The collector works in pairs with diamond drill bits ADTnS RS-TX, designed for dry drilling on diamond drilling machines with micro-percussion.