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Mechanic FixDuster 82


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Centering and dust collection.

Used for drilling holes for various communications in a ceramic tile, porcelain gres and also holes for sockets in concrete, brick and other materials. The maximum hole diameter is 82 mm.

A very important step in drilling holes in construction materials is the centering step. The accuracy of hole placement, the quality of the hole edge and the drilling speed – all depends from correct centering.

A dust collector with a centering pad perfectly solves this problem.

Due to the vacuum of air from the vacuum cleaner, the collector is firmly fixed to the treated surface. The body of the drill is securely positioned relative to the centering pad. Drilling is quick, easy and controllable.

All dust is collected by the collector, ensuring comfortable operation and leaving the room clean.

Additional hole center indicators easily position the product relative to the markup.

The body of the collector is made of durable flexible plastic