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Abrasive Bar 250Х50Х25 F120/240


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For blade sharpness. 
Any diamond blade may get dull and lose its cutting features. It occurs especially often while cutting such non-abrasive solid, viscous materials as porcelain gres, marble, non-abrasive ceramics, etc. Diamond grains destroy and drop out, the processed material has stuck to the bonds surface. Temperature increases in the contact point, cutting quality decreases and the blade stops. There is a risk of damaging your tool. The blade should be sharpened. To sharpen means to make several cuts on the abrasive material.
The Mechanic ABRASIVE bar perfectly fits for sharpening diamond blades. It properly combines the size and strength of abrasive grains, specially picked up to sharpening the diamond tool. To do this – make several longitudinal cuts with the dull diamondiferous layer. The angle grinder blade makes cuts with a depth of up to 5 mm. The same should be done with blades for the ceramic tile cutter with a depth up to 10 mm. The duller the blade, the more cuts should be made. It takes up to 10-15 cuts to make your blade sharp again.
The size of the abrasive bar is 250*50*25 mm. It is recommended to gripe the bar with a clamp while angle grinder cutting.