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Von Arx FR200 Genus 220V Electric Scarifier

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The FR 200 handles a variety of different jobs, from straight-forward cleaning to the tricky removal of pavement markings. The compact size and the easy handling of the machine make it ideal for carrying out precise work on small or medium surfaces, both indoors and outdoors. The drum can be fitted with various types of cutters. It takes about 2 minutes to make the switch. This enables the FR 200 to work fast on a variety of tasks.

Can be used on brittle to firm or elastic surface materials:
• Asphalt and cast asphalt surfaces
• Concrete and cement, synthetic stone, floor tiles
• Screeds of cement, wood cement, ceramic etc.
• Natural stone
• Metals
• Thermoplastic materials

Not suitable for surfaces made of highly elastic soft materials or fabrics and fiber materials, or can only be used with certain limitations:
• Latex, rubber, soft plastics and foam materials
• Wood, carpets and woven materials

Power 230V, 50HZ
Wattage/HP 2,2Kw/3HP
Weight 59.7Kg/132lbs
Working width 20cm/8"
Distance to wall 6,7cm/2,6"
Depth hard concrete Surface
Depth softer concrete 3mm/.12"
Production/h 35-40m2/370sqf
Dimensions cm/inch 110x38x97/43x15x38
Standard cutters included Pentagonal carbide