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Von Arx VA 30 S 6.4kW Diesel Scarifier



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Ideal where paved surfaces need to be roughened, grooved, cleaned, or where layers need to be removed. The VA 30 S‘ infinite variable depth adjuster allows to adapt perfectly to every surface. The vibration absorption system and easy handling make the job more pleasant and efficient. It allows the VA 30 S to glide across the hardest challenge as a heavy duty surface preparation machine. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications.

Fuel Diesel
Wattage/HP 6,4Kw/8.4HP
Weight 216Kg/476lbs
Working width 30cm/12"
Distance to wall 9cm/3.5"
Depth hard concrete 6mm/.24"
Depth softer concrete 9mm/.35"
Production/h 50-55m2/540sqf
Dimensions cm/inch 135x56x109/53x22x43
Standard cutters included