Von Arx VA 30 SH Petrol Scarifier with Hydraulic Traction


The VA 30 SH with hydraulic traction is the best choice when heavy duty cleaning and roughening work is due. This machine owes its agility to hydraulic traction and is easy to use. It is ideal for cleaning large areas of concrete, removing concrete slurry, dirt, plastic or roughening smooth surfaces. It is also used for paint removal and rubber lining removal at airports. Various cutters can be fitted to suit different applications. The VA 30 SH is equipped with a variable depth adjuster and a vibration absorption system.

Scarify concrete until +/- 1 cm in one drive.
Scarify asphalt.
Scarily resin, thermoplast.
Create a grip on floors.
Eliminate layers of grease, hardend oils, rubber in warehouses.
Eliminate road marks on public roads and paint in warehouses.
Eliminate rust on ships.
Eliminate adhesives.

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