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TileTEMPLATE XL Large format marking When laying tiles, you always have to lay holes for sockets, bypass communication pipes, and bypass columns or corners. Marking such elements requires meticulous accuracy and a large amount of time, which could be used much more productively. TileTEMPLATE XL tile stencil is an effective solution in increasing the productivity and accuracy of tile work when laying large-format porcelain stoneware (up to 300x200 cm). The position of the markup element is deferred relative to the positioning element and transferred to the tile. Multifunctional nozzles allow you to transfer the positions of various elements: -holes under sockets., -holes for water pipes of various diameters., -lay holes under already installed water and sewer pipes., -Transfer non-standard diameters thanks to the plastic nozzle., -Mark the corners for columns and other elements. TileTEMPLATE will become an indispensable assistant in the work and significantly improve the quality and productivity when laying large-format porcelain stoneware.