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Transportation and laying of large-format tiles are some cumbersome, heavy and responsible processes.
During carrying and laying tiles, conventional mechanical suction cups or attachments require constant monitoring of the pressure level to avoid losing the plate. It constantly distracts the master from laying tiles and makes his work less productive.

The use of a vacuum suction cup with automatic constant pressure maintenance allows the tiler to concentrate exactly on laying tiles, increasing the speed and quality of work.

Press the button and quickly and securely fix the product for the time you need.

The main advantages of the POWER FIX AUTO automatic suction cup are:
1. Automatic maintenance of the suction cups working pressure.,
2. Powerful standard-sized removable battery.,
3. White working surface, made of white soft rubber, which allows you to fix tiles with both glossy and textured surfaces without leaving traces of rubber on the tile surface.,
4. Mechanical and electrical pressure gauges.,
5. Battery level indication.,
6. Protection of the rubber surface of the suction cup during transportation.,
7. Hard transport case.