Contour PRO 25/10.
Strictly along the contour!
When decorating rooms with tiles, often it is necessary to make a hole. But at hand is no drill bit of the desired diameter for this. The contour finger grinding bit Baumesser Contour Pro for ceramics and porcelain gres comes to help. You can expand the holes to the desired diameter with this grinding bit. There is no need to keep a whole set of drills. It is also possible to efficiently process curved surfaces along a given contour.
This unique grinding bit has two working diameters of 10 mm and 25 mm, which allows you to quickly expand the holes of small and large diameters. Moreover, due to the radius fillets, it is possible to effectively remove chamfers, correct the edge of the tile.
The grinding bits are made using vacuum sintering technology, high-strength diamond is used. Grinding is fast and productive. The grinding bit has a seat M14. It is mounted on the angle grinder. It works on an angle grinder in dry mode at maximum speed.

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