Image of ADTnS 1A1RSS CLG RS-Z ∅300-600 Diamond Blade
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ADTnS 1A1RSS CLG RS-Z ∅300-600 Diamond Blade

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The ADTnS CLG RS-Z diamond blade is specially designed for processing concrete with a high level of reinforcement. It is used for working with high-strength concrete, as well as fine-grained heavy types of it. Also, it leaves a smooth, neat edge and does not damage the concrete structure when working. It is provided with special holes and channels for removing the sludge from the work zone, which allows using the blade without additional cooling.

Available in six variations of diameters from 300 to 600 mm on the market. It has a height of diamond segments of 10 mm.

The blade has a hardened body with laser-welded diamond segments. This allows the blade to take significant loads and operate it in hard loaded conditions.

A blade with a capacity of up to 400 square centimeters per minute. Simultaneously, the service life of the blade reaches 12 m2 (for a 350 mm blade on a 4.0 kW power cutter when cutting concrete M450 brand with 2.2% reinforcement with a rebar diameter of 16 mm)

It is used on power cutters and floor saws with a mounting of 25.4 mm.