Image of ADTnS CHH RM-W ∅115-230mm Diamond Blade
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ADTnS CHH RM-W ∅115-230mm Diamond Blade

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For working with paving slabs, brick products and reinforced concrete. The blade is equipped with a unique profile of diamond segments, which allows you to work with the above types of materials, providing the best cutting conditions and leaving a neat edge.

Unique patented "Smart effect" option. If cutting conditions are abuses, the indicators warn of excessive load on the blade by changing the color of the indicators from black to red. In this case, you need to reduce the load on the blade or take a pause at the work for cooling it.

The blade capacity reaches 300 square centimetres, with a working life of 7 square meters (for 2.5 kW angle grinder 230 mm, in concrete M400 brand, 1.1% reinforcement with a rebar diameter of 12 mm). Meanwhile, it positions itself as the most balanced blade for working with concrete and bricks.

Diamond blades are available in four outer diameters on the market: 125, 150, 180, 230 mm.

The blade is used for working on a standard angle grinder with a mounting of 22.23 mm.