Image of ADTnS DDS-W DLD RS-TX ∅52-152mm Diamond Core Drill Bit
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ADTnS DDS-W DLD RS-TX ∅52-152mm Diamond Core Drill Bit

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The RS-TX drill is the quickest dry drilling tool, developed especially for micro-percussion drilling machines.

The drill bit screwed body effectively removes sludge from the drilling area. The diamond segments, laser welded on the body, have turbo form with a high-strength, well-arranged diamond. Drilling time of 82 mm hole in М300 concrete with 20 cm thickness is as little as 2,5 minutes without coolant.
It's 300 mm long with a 1 1/4 UNC shank.

Characteristics of a drilling machine:
Rotation frequency 1100-2100 rpm.
Strike rating 0.25 - 0.5 mm.
Number of beats: 28000-45000 bpm
Power: 1,8 – 3,0 kW.