Image of ADTnS DDS-W DLD RS7X(r) ∅32-300mm Diamond Core Drill Bit
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ADTnS DDS-W DLD RS7X(r) ∅32-300mm Diamond Core Drill Bit

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Diamond crown drill bit with maximum rates of drilling speed.

It is used on hard objects when drilling of highly reinforced concrete.

Segments have a rooftop design for a quick start.

The diamond grains in the segment are placed equidistantly. This ensures a consistently high drilling speed.

Segments on the body are fixed to the body by laser welding.

Used on diamond drilling machines.

Mandatory use of coolant.

The drill bit is manufactured in the diameter range of 32 mm-300 mm. It has a length of 450 mm, a 1 ¼ UNC shank

It is recommended to slow down the drill bit rotation speed when passing the armature.

Follow the recommendations for coolant supply intensity.