Image of Baumesser 1A1R V Metal Cut ∅125mm Diamond Blade
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Baumesser 1A1R V Metal Cut ∅125mm Diamond Blade

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1000 cuts+. Steel profile, pipes, fittings are cut with abrasive discs made of silicon carbide. It's a classic. But now His Majesty Almaz comes into play! Let's compare the main characteristics of 125 abrasive and diamond discs when cutting a steel pipe of 20 mm, wall thickness of 1.0 mm. -The resource of an abrasive disc is up to 50 cuts. Diamond - at least 1000 cuts. -Dimensional resistance. After 7 cuts with an abrasive, the disc is grinded so that it does not cut through the pipe to the full depth. Diamond, after 1000 cuts has the same diameter. -The diamond disc emits many times fewer sparks, making the work comfortable. -And most importantly - security. The steel body of a diamond disc will not collapse under any circumstances compared to an abrasive disc.