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Centrator Centring Tool for Pre-Drilling 42/102

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Centering of drills.
All workers know how difficult it can be to make the first drill in concrete and bricks. Drill segments goes to the sides, strong vibrations occurs, destroying the drilling surfaces. In most cases, we are talking about a renovated room where this is unacceptable.

The Centrator completely solve this issue. It is necessary to first drill a hole in the wall with a carbide drill bit with a diameter of 12-14 mm. Mount Centrator into the segments, and guide pin of the Centrator into the drilled hole. Make drilling in the non-impact mode to a depth of 4-8 mm. Then continue the usual drilling. The edge of the hole remains flat, smooth and clean even if the drilling takes place in ceramic tiles. Excellent result!

The Centrators are suitable for diamond drills TM ADTNS RS-TX and Distar Concrete-X drills.
There are three standard sizes of Centrators for diameters: 42-52 mm., 62-72 mm., 82-102 mm.