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Cutting guard LINER 115-125


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LINER 115-125
Perfect edge.
Finishing an edge of ceramic tiles with polishing wheels is a manual operation. Manual operations are always subject to the inaccuracies, imprecision, and heaviness of manual processing.
The Liner 115-125 angle grinder attachment is a new level of ceramic tile finishing. 
- Move the grinding wheel along the guides of the device for perfect straightness, precision and repeatability. 
- The weight of the angle grinder is transferred to the fixture stop. Perform a large amount of work easily, without overburdening your hand. 
- Most of the dust from machining is captured by the nozzle of the attachment connected to a vacuum cleaner.
Liner 115-125: Perfect. Easy. Dust-free.
The device can be installed on any 115- and 125-mm angle grinder