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Delfin DM3 EL LP Clear-Aut Endless Bag Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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Delfin DM3 EL LP is an industrial vacuum cleaner for the safe collection of fine or toxic dust. The vacuum cleaner’s spring system means it can be transported in any standard van, while the Endless Bag safe bagging system ensures dust or toxic substances is removed from the construction site without workers being at risk of inhalation exposure. Power, easy disposal of the harmful material collected, and portability are the strengths this industrial vacuum has to offer in fine dust extraction.

• Largest surface filter in its category
• Integrated filter cleaning system
• Complete steel construction
• Three powerful bypass motors with independent cooling
• Compact and mobile
• Full customization for specific needs
• Disposable bags for hazardous dusts safe disposal
• Easy to clean and to maintain
• Adjustable height to facilitate transport on vehicles
• Easy to handle

Voltage V - Hz 110/230 - 50
Power kW 3.00/3,45
Max water lift mmH₂O 2.500
Max air flow m³/h 540
Suction inlet mm 80
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 76
Filter Type Star
Surface - Diameter cm²-mm 30.000 - 500
Material - Efficiency IEC 60335-2-69 Polyester - ANT M
Air load on filter m³/m²/h 180
Cleaning system Manual
Discharge system Longopac bag
Dimensions cm 80x66x155h
Weight kg 70