Delfin DM3 EL LP Clear-Aut Endless Bag Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

The DM3 CLEAR-AUT with Endless Bag is the ideal vacuum unit for direct suction of machinery and tools that generate extremely fine dust during processing, to prevent it from being breathed in by the operator and dispersing into the environment.

The filtering chamber contains two cartridge filters of 15,000 cm2 each, capable of blocking even the finest and most contaminating dust. The filter cleaning system allows constant cleaning by means of a continuous vibration that prevents dust from sticking to the filter.
The CLEAR-AUT system guarantees constant suction efficiency, thanks to the possibility of carrying out dedicated filter cleaning cycles, either through the manual Dustop system or through a more concentrated and effective vibration on the filters. In this second case, when the operator wishes to carry out extra cleaning, he can press the appropriate button: the motors will stop working for 12 seconds, allowing vibration on the filters in the absence of suction.

The suction unit is equipped with three bypass motors that start sequentially to avoid current peaks.

The solid steel structure is equipped with a spring system that allows the height to be reduced to facilitate transport even on lower vehicles.

Largest surface filter in its category
Integrated filter cleaning system
Complete steel construction
Extractable collection container with optional use of disposable bags
Three powerful by pass motors with independent cooling
Compact and mobile
Integrated automatic filter cleaning system
Adjustable height to facilitate transport on vehicles
Sliding dumper for DUSTOP system included
Endless Bag

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