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Delfin DM3 PSR Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with Integrated Cyclone

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The DM3 PSR industrial vacuum cleaner has 3 by-pass motors that drive the suction, ensuring the highest levels of suction efficiency even in long cleaning cycles.

The suctioned material is collected in an integrated pre-separator with Endless Bag, which allows easy and safe handling of the suctioned material. Only a small amount of the lightest particles passes through the primary filter and are collected in a second Endless Bag, which is positioned underneath the filter unit. This safe collection system is the best method to vacuum large quantities of fine or toxic dust, avoiding any contact with the operator or the surrounding environment.

• Compact, portable and constructed with powder coated steel
• 3 powerful bypass motors with independent cooling
• Removable collection tank with two-handed safety release
• Integrated cleaning system
• Cord wrap and accessory caddy
• Large filter surface
• Performance indicator light
• Versatile and user-friendly

Voltage: 230V, 50 Hz
Power: 3,45 kW
Max waterlift: 2500 mmH2O
Max air flow: 540 m3/h
Suction inlet: 80 mm
Noise level (EN ISO 3744): 76 dB(A)
Filter Type: Star
Cyclone: Integrated
Surface – Diameter: 30.000 cm2/500 mm
Material – Efficiency: Polyester/M PTFE (IEC 60335-2-69)
Air load on filter: 180 m3/m2/h
Cleaning system: Manual
Discharge system: Longopac bag (2x20m)
Dimensions l/w/h: 123x66x162 cm
Weight: 105 kg