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Diamond Grinding Cup Distar DGM-S Elite Active

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Diamond grinding cup DISTAR ELITE ACTIVE is used for grinding of hard materials such as marble and granite of any type. It is very easy to work with and has a long lifetime, which makes the tool an indispensable helper for grinding work.

Available in two varieties - with flange and without. In addition, each type of cup wheel is available with several types of diamond grit size, and also in diameter 100 mm.
If there is a flange, the grain grit size maybe 00, 0, 2, and 3, without flange - only 00 and 0.

For rougher cup wheels (with a grain size of 00 and 0) it is possible to work both dry or with additional water supply. In the case of smaller grain size, all work is recommended only with water.

Used in combination with an angle grinder with a power of 1 kW with rotation speed not exceeding 5000 rpm per minute. It is recommended to use the machine with a speed controller.