Image of Diamond Grinding Cup Distar DGS-W Grindex ∅125-180mm
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Diamond Grinding Cup Distar DGS-W Grindex ∅125-180mm

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Diamond cup wheel DISTAR DGS-W GRINDEX is ideal for grinding heavy concrete and reinforced concrete surfaces. Due to the unique technology of production, DISTAR GRINDEX has an increased diamond layer up to 8 mm, a lower weight compared with its analogs, and a high lifetime.

Considering the main characteristics of the cup wheel, it is worth noting a sufficiently high lifetime, which reaches 850 running meters, with an optimum processing speed of 7.5 linear m/min.

The cup wheel is 100% balanced, which allows you to perform work with maximum speed, while significantly reducing the unit processing costs and makes it not only productive but also economical.

Used in combination with any angle grinder models, ideally equipped with the industrial vacuum cleaner.