Image of Diamond Grinding cup Distar DGS-W Rotex ∅125-180mm
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Diamond Grinding cup Distar DGS-W Rotex ∅125-180mm

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Diamond cup wheel Distar DGS-W Rotex is an ideal solution for grinding concrete surfaces, especially for walls and floors. Due to the specially developed form of the diamond segment made in the form of the letter L, it allows the most efficient removal of sludge from the working area.

Testing the cup wheel on the reinforced concrete showed that it has a fairly high level of speed, reaching 6.5 running meters per minute, with a lifetime of 650 linear meters per min at a depth of processing of 1 millimeter.

The cup wheel is available in diameter 125 millimeters, for use with the angle grinder with a standard mounting , with a power of 1kW, and a rotational speed of up to 11500 revolutions per minute.

The cup wheel is used for both dry and wet surface grinding. Each Distar Rotex cup wheel is additionally tested for imbalance so that the work is comfortable and efficient.