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Diamond Polishing Pad Standard (G30-G3000)

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Flexible diamond polishing pads are designed for:

- for sanding the ends and chamfers of ceramic tiles and porcelain gres with the using of an angle grinder with an adjustable speed of rotation of the shaft, without the use of cooling liquid.,

- for polishing flat and curved surfaces of granite, hard marble and hard sandstone, using a special angle grinder with adjustable speed, electric protection (ground), and mandatory central coolant supply.

The sequence of sanding on ceramic tiles and porcelain gres – #30, #60, #120, when processing only the end face, and when removing the chamfer – only #220. Grinding is performed at a speed of 2800 rpm

The sequence of polishing for granite, hard marble and hard sandstone is #30, #60, #120, #220, #400, #800, #1500, #3000. Shaft speed when polishing 2800-3700 rpm.