Distar 1A1R Bestseller Ceramic Granite ∅180-250mm Diamond Blade


The diamond disc DISTAR 1A1R BESTSELLER CERAMIC GRANITE is a representative of the 3D class, among the segment of inexpensive tools for processing tiles and ceramic granite for the wet method. He excelled in working with wall tiles, all types of ceramics and ceramic granite, and marble. It has a fairly large service life of up to 800 linear meters at a cutting speed of 1 meter. With fairly good productivity, it provides a high level of edge quality. Does not leave scratches, and does not create steps when cutting. It is considered one of the best in its price segment. It is presented on the market in several variations, in particular 125, 180, 200 and 250 millimeters in diameter. The smallest disk is intended for USHM with a mounting hole of 22.23 mm, the rest of the models are more often used for tile cutters with a socket of 25.4 mm.

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  • Blade Diameter
  • Inner Hole

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Ceramic Stonewear Marble Porcelain
Inner Hole: 25.40mm

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