Image of Distar 1A1R Edge Dry Diamond Blade ∅115-125mm
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Distar 1A1R Edge Dry Diamond Blade ∅115-125mm

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Cutting at 45° made easy! Cutting ceramic tiles at the 45-degree angle, also known as miter cutting, is the most common operation in finishing works. Many craftsmen perform it manually with an angle grinder. So what do we want from a diamond blade used for such a jobs? It's sufficient body rigidity with soft cutting and the ability to grind the edge. These are the exact qualities offered the Edge Dry blade.

A wide 25 mm double-sided diamond layer reinforces the body and makes it rigid. A diamond-bearing bond with a honeycomb layer pattern makes your cutting soft and highly productive. The large plane creates a fulcrum effect, directing the blade in a straight line. Additionally, you can grind the edge of the tile end.

With a diamond cutting blade like this, the 45-degree angle miter cutting is pure pleasure!

No cooling is required when using this diamond cutting blade with an angle grinder.

Tip: When cutting porcelain gres, especially with a 45-degree miter cut, choose an angle grinder with at least 1.2 kW power capacity. The higher the power, the more stable and productive the process.