Image of Distar 1A1R Granite Premium Diamond Blade ∅125-400mm
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Distar 1A1R Granite Premium Diamond Blade ∅125-400mm

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Diamond cutting blade DISTAR 1A1R GRANITE PREMIUM is used by professionals for cutting hard materials such as granite, marble and gabbro. Also it is possible to cut ceramic tiles and porcelain gres (with intervals). Can make cuts at 45 degrees if necessary.
Such blade is used on special handheld tile cutters or table cutters , with equipment for wet cutting with water cooling.

Various diameters of blades are available on the market depending on the equipment, in particular from 125 to 400 millimeters.

Has a fairly high cutting speed and lifetime. As an example , the blades with diameter of 200-250 mm have cutting speed reaches 1.2 running meters, the lifetime is up to 6.7 sq. m. or 700 linear m.