Image of Distar 1A1R Gres Ultra ∅180-250mm Diamond Blade
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Distar 1A1R Gres Ultra ∅180-250mm Diamond Blade

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Diamond blade Distar Gres Ultra is used mainly for the average volume of work with wall and floor tiles, as well as porcelain gres. Due to its processing speed, it reduces unit costs, which makes it a necessary and money saving tool.

Among the advantages of the blade, one can note the high speed of cutting 1.3 meters with a sufficiently large lifetime of 900 running meters. Used in combination with standard tile cutters with a power of at least 0.8 kW and a speed of up to 2900 rpm. At the same time it is necessary to supply water while working, 6 l/ min.

When using this blade, it is difficult to achieve a quality cutting without chipping, for this reason it is usually used for cutting when the edges of the tile will be hidden with a molding or decorative profile. Under other conditions, at the time of use, the operation of the tool may differ significantly.