Image of Distar 1A1R Hard Ceramics Diamond Blade ∅115-400mm
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Distar 1A1R Hard Ceramics Diamond Blade ∅115-400mm

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Diamond blade Distar Hard Ceramics is designed for high-quality cutting of ceramic tiles with the presence of decorative coating. Cutting speed is 1.1 meters per minute , with a lifetime of 1000 linear meters. Due to its lifetime, the advantage for material processing is the low per unit cost.

Mainly it is used for work with glaze, wall and floor ceramics, ceramic granite, porcelain gres, as well as all kinds of granite and marble in rare cases. It is available in a wide range of blade diameters from 115 mm to 400 mm, which is used with tile cutters with a power of 0.8-1.5 kW with a rotational speed of 2900 rpm for a diameter of 200-250 mm, and 2-2,5 kW for 300-400 mm diameter. It is necessary to supply water in the amount of 5 liters per minute of cutting process.

With other work parameters, the performance may vary. Hard Ceramics can be purchased at an affordable price, for quick and clean work.