Image of Distar 1A1RSS/C1-W Abrasive Diamond Blade ∅350-500mm
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Distar 1A1RSS/C1-W Abrasive Diamond Blade ∅350-500mm

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The DISTAR 1A1RSS BESTSELLER ABRASIVE diamond blade is designed specifically for working with abrasive materials and has become one of the best tools for cutting any type of coating. Depending on the hardness, it is possible to use it without additional water supply. In particular, when working with soft materials, the treatment is carried out on a dry basis; for more solid materials, organization of additional water cooling is recommended.

High quality and a diamond layer of 9 millimeters provides good performance and resource. In particular, the blade operates at a speed of up to 2 meters per minute, with its resource of 300-325 meters.

Additional equipment with protective segments is also noted, which make it possible to effectively remove the sludge from the working area, which saves the disk housing from wear.