Image of Distar 1A1RSS/C1-W Classic H12 Diamond Blade ∅304-604mm
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Distar 1A1RSS/C1-W Classic H12 Diamond Blade ∅304-604mm

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Diamond cutting blade Distar 1A1RSS C1W CLASSIC H12 is designed for cutting concrete and medium-reinforced concrete. Due to the fact that the blade has an increased height of the diamond segment up to 12 millimeters, it provides a sufficiently good working life, in particular up to 400 meters on the gasoline power cutter and up to 500 on the floor saw.

Let's also note the important parameters and characteristics of this product.
It is known for a rather high speed of work, which reaches the indicators of 2.25 meters and 1.5 meters on the floor saw and power cutter respectively.
Available in diameters from 300 to 600 millimeters.
Used on low and medium power equipment (4-9 kilowatts) ..
The Distar CLASSIC H12 blade is positioned as a well balanced quality blade combining the optimal value for the money, it is positioned as 5D extra class.