Image of Distar 1A1RSS/C3 Technic Advanced Diamond Blade ∅115-230mm
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Distar 1A1RSS/C3 Technic Advanced Diamond Blade ∅115-230mm

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For Angle Grinders.
DISTAR TECHNIC ADVANCED has been specially designed for work with sidewalk tiles, concrete, and black granite. In addition, it is used for cutting brick, reinforced concrete, sandstone, and colored granite. In rare cases, it is possible to use for highly-reinforced concrete. For its versatility and affordable value, it has gained widespread popularity in construction teams.

The diamond cutting blade is available in diameters 115, 125, and 232 mm, with a thickness of segments 2.2 and 2.6. The height of the diamond layer is practically the same, 11-12 mm. The speed of operation is 0.5 meters per minute with a lifetime of up to 60 running meters on concrete with a reinforcement of up to 12 mm.

The blade is positioned as the most optimal tool for wall chasing.