Image of Distar 1A1RSS/C3-W Meteor ∅300-600mm Diamond Blade
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Distar 1A1RSS/C3-W Meteor ∅300-600mm Diamond Blade

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Diamond cutting blade Distar 1A1RSS C3W Meteor is used for cutting medium and high-grade reinforced concrete.

Shows a high speed and long lifetime while working even with heavy, highly reinforced concrete. In particular, when working with the power cutter, the speed reaches up to 2 meters per minute, with a lifetime up to 600 running meters. With floor saws, the lifetime reaches 700 meters at a speed up to 2.75 linear meters/min.

Available in several diameters from 300 to 600 millimeters. It is used in combination with floor saws and gasoline power cutters of medium power (from 5 to 13 kW).