Image of Distar 1A1RSS/C3-W Meteor H12 ∅125-230mm Diamond Blade
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Distar 1A1RSS/C3-W Meteor H12 ∅125-230mm Diamond Blade

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For Angle Grinders.
The diamond blade DISTAR 1A1RSS-W METEOR is one of the representatives of professional segmented blades with a turbo-reinforced segment, which is great for work with monolithic, hydraulic and reinforced concrete.

Often used to stroke the surface to lay wiring to a depth of 2.2 centimetres. It is more widely used in industrial works, and is represented in the class Industrial 7D. When testing the disc on concrete M400 showed quite high results, in particular, the speed to 0,45 rpm / min., With a very high work resource, reaching 175 running meters.

This is the most durable segment drive. The disc is available in several variants, in particular, with a diameter of 125 and 230 mm under a standard landing shaft (mounting) of 22.23 millimetres for any angle grinder.