Image of Distar DDR-B Granite Active Diamond Drill Bit ∅6-46mm
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Distar DDR-B Granite Active Diamond Drill Bit ∅6-46mm

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Diamond core bit DISTAR CAMK GRANITE ACTIVE is a great helper to create holes of different diameters in ceramic surfaces. Most effectively shows itself in work with soft and hard ceramic tiles, as well as marble and ceramic granite. When drilling, it creates a clean edge, without damaging the general appearance of the material.
The core bit is available in various diameters, from 6 to 46 millimeters.

The core bit is equipped with a special shank, under the clamping chuck, which allows you to use the tool on the handheld drills. The mandatory condition for the operation is the power of the drill from 600W, the presence of a speed controller from 800 to 2000 and the absence of perforation.

Due to the durable diamond layer, it allows to achieve maximum working speed and lifetime. When drilling, it is required to cool the drill and the material with water.