Image of Distar DDS-W L65 SDS+ ∅68-82mm Dry Socket Diamond Drill Bit
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Distar DDS-W L65 SDS+ ∅68-82mm Dry Socket Diamond Drill Bit

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Diamond drill bit is designed for drilling holes for socket installation. Suitable for working with surfaces of non-reinforced and reinforced concrete, as well as bricks.

The drill bits are used in combination with any type of manual electric drills with adjustable speed and perforator. It has a sufficiently high lifetime, which, when drilling a bricks, reaches 150 holes, at a speed of 4 minutes per hole. For reinforced concrete, the lifetime is slightly smaller and reaches 40 holes, with drilling up to 6 minutes per hole at a depth of 65 mm.

Available in three diameters – 68, 72 and 82 millimeters. They can also be equipped with a magnet adapter. It is recommended to use the drill bits on a hand-held instrument with a power of at least 650 W.