Full-Face Silicone Mask of the X8 CL2 (Bayonet)


Lightweight and super comfortable
A two-filter full-face silicone mask of the X8 series consists of a body, a large panoramic visor with peripheral vision, two durable bayonet connectors with inhalation valves and seals and head bands. The mask's construction allows to complete it with elements removing harmful substances in aerosol form (dust, smoke, mist), in form of vapours and gases or both these forms together. Relatively low weight of the X8 series mask and double connectors for attaching it to the cleaning elements increase the work efficiency. Series X8 respirators are available in sizes M and L.

Resistant to damage
The X8 series mask visor is scratch and fog resistant. The panoramic face shield polycarbonate visor maximises light inside the mask and provides optimum visibility while protecting against impact. The 4-point attachment of the X8 series mask via the head harness ensures excellent seal and stable positioning during work.

The full face mask series X8 can be used with filters T-BM P2 R, T-BM A P2 R, T-BM P3 R, T-BM A P3 R, X2000-AG P3 R, capsule filters X793 P3 R, X793C P3 R, filter absorbers X701 A1, X702 A1E1, X703 ABEK1 and X70523 A2P3 R D, X70923 A1E1 P3 R D, X70926 ABEK1 P3 R D.

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