Image of HTG 800-4E Three Phase 4 Head Planetary Floor Grinder/Polisher with Remote Control
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HTG 800-4E Three Phase 4 Head Planetary Floor Grinder/Polisher with Remote Control

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Save time and labour with this highly efficient remote-controlled and self-propelled floor grinder/polisher with an 800mm wide working area and 15KW motor. Operator only needs to control the machine on turns. It will proceed straight ahead at the set speed even on an inclined or a downward slope. The built-in battery charges automatically when the grinder is plugged in and provides enough power to move the machine around when loading for transportation and unloading.

The remote control simplifies controlling the machine during grinding and transportation. The 7-inch display shows all the data regarding machines operation.

When compared to grinders/polishers with fewer heads, this four-head grinder exerts more power on the heads thanks to its weight and distributes it more evenly. The connection between the motor and the grinding disc is equipped with a dynamic balance device, which reduces the vibration frequency of the machine during the grinding process and makes the ground surface smoother. All this results in smoother operation and a better surface finish.

The height of the floating dust cover can be automatically adjusted according to the consumption of abrasives and floor conditions. When changing abrasives, it is not needed to remove the dust cover, which greatly shortens the time for replacing abrasives and improves work efficiency.

The front of the gearbox is equipped with a spray head, which can spray water during the grinding process to increase grinding efficiency. The stainless steel water tank is resistant to impact and is harder to damage than plastic tanks on some of the other machines.

This machine is equipped with WEG motors, Delta inverters, SKF bearings, Schneider switches, and Phoenix terminal blocks, all of which are internationally renowned brands with excellent quality.

Power: 20HP/15KW
Inverter: 25HP/18.5KW
Voltage: 380-440V 3 phase
Working width: 800mm
Rotating speed: 450-1950rpm
Weight: 584kg
Tool holder diameter: 256mm*4
Water tank: 23L
Cable length: 10m
Motor: IE2 high grade WD motor
Inverter: Delta Inverter