Image of Lavina Elite L14EU Single Head Floor Grinder/Polisher
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Lavina Elite L14EU Single Head Floor Grinder/Polisher

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A light and easy to use single-head grinder/polisher for both professional and DIY projects. Suitable for different applications - coating removal, grinding of concrete, stone and wood, as well as polishing. Adjustable handle bar can be moved left or right when doing edge work. Foldable frame & compact allow this compact grinder to easily fit in a standard van. It can be divided into two pieces for easy storage & transportation.

Motor Power 2.2 KW
Voltage (50/60 Hz) 1 phase x 200-240V
Amperage (max) 12 Amp
Weight of Machine 63 kg
Grinding Pressure 27 kg
Attachment Speed 400-1000 rpm
Working Width 335 mm
Tool Holder Diameter 1 x 335mm
Vacuum Port 51 mm
Water Feeding no
Cable Length no
Machine Size LxWxH 119x37x100 cm