Image of Nakaya Tornado Hybrid Dust Cowl 115-125mm
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Nakaya Tornado Hybrid Dust Cowl 115-125mm

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Newly developed guide base mechanism. Improved safety during work.
A hybrid dust collection system that allows over 97% dust collection when used in combination with a cleaner.
Uses a sliding cutter exchange system. Cutter replacement is possible with the grinder attached.
Compliant with occupational safety and health regulations European standard certified (FIMKO26645)
* Grinder and cutter are sold separately.
* Tornado is designed exclusively for push-off. Pay attention to the cutting direction when using.

Suitable Model:
(100mm grinder) [Hitachi Koki] G10 series (excluding G10B2), PDA-100 series, PDH-100 series, [Makita] 9533 series, GA403 series (excluding rechargeable), [Ryobi] 100mm grinder series, [ Bosch] GWS 5/6/7/8 100mm grinder series * Optional connector NK-CNT (B100) is required. (125mm grinder) [Hitachi Koki] G13 series (excluding G13SP), [Makita] 9535 series